Closed 27.6 – 31.7

Crème Ninon, French pea soup 14€
Langoustine and avocado cream 16€
Panfried Fois gras and Brioche 18€


Catch of the day    Price of the day
Dressed crab, aioli and french fries 28€
Reindeer “Two ways” 36€


Rhubarb crème brulée  10€
Lemon parfait  10€
Salty Dark chocolate tart 10€

Brasserie Rivoli also wants to treat its customers with classics. They are the core and the soul of brasserie food. Some of these plates and dishes have been on Rivoli’s à la carte menu since opening 1962. From this tradition grows Rivoli’s enthusiasm and love towards serving great food and quality wines.
Rivoli was one of the first restaurants in Helsinki to serve fresh oysters by importing them from France. Today our oysters are still very French – Oysters Fin de Claire from Marenne area..

Oyster platter 25€/6
Glowfried lobster 52€
Grilled whole fish    Price of the day
Sole Meuniere  33€
Chateubriand and pepper and mushroom sauce  33€
oysters, lobster, shrimps, prawns, mussels 92€